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Okeliten.orgTramadol tension headaches

I was just prescribed tramadol, flexeril, and phenergan for my

7.8.2018 | Robert Albertson
Tramadol tension headaches
I was just prescribed tramadol, flexeril, and phenergan for my

I have suffered from migrains for yrs until I met a old country doctor who told me they were caused by tention he gave me toradol which is an anti inflamitory and my migrains got much better, I also use a very good over the counter medicine called excedrin tension and I havent hade a migrain in a long time. Hope this will help you.

This is all natural even though it is categorized in the vitamin B category it is actually a nutrient. Hello. 2 days ago actually. I was amazed after even the 1pill. I was having the worst possible migraine. That changed 2yrs ago. the list goes on. except. Choline. I have an Awesome pain doctor who has great knowledge of meds. I have had a heck of a battle mainly with the doctors. I have been loaded up on medication while employed & single mom for majority of those years. I have suffered from chronic migraines, fibromyalgia &Celiac disease, of course with these conditions came lactose intolerance, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurological issues & stress/depression. Nothing works. The body produces this nutrient from certain foods but it doesn't produce enough. I started a massive study. Expand. I have tried it all. After all of these years I have found nothing to help with the migraines until recently. Let me add I found out 5-6 wks ago I have narrow angle glaucoma.

First shot would totally take away a head ache I had had 24/7 for 6 weeks at a time. Each headache got further & further apart after each shot until one day they were compley gone! Hope this info can help you. Hi esa11126. Have you tried Immitrex? If they are still available in shots they stopped migrianes I had for over 35 years.

phenergan as a tablet did work the same for me. Hope this helps. So first signs of a migraine I would go to my doctor and he would give me phenergan as an injection. Yes I have used phenergan for my migraines and found it helpful, although it work best as a injection. I didn't need to take other medication with this.

I have never heard of it being used for migraines. I have taken phenergan (for nausia) for migraines but tramadol was given to me for sleep. I use to take relpax for them.

You can take another one after a few hrs after the first if you got relief. Good luck!. It's new to Canada. I have had migraines for 30 years. I used to get alot of migraines pre-monopause and now menopausal. Hope this helps you. Otherwise it won't. I finally was prescribed Axert 8.6 mg. It will go away if this works for you. You have to take it as soon as the migraine starts.

My herbalist researched it and found it was incredibly similar to Coltsfoot. Often it's not one particular thing that helps you with migraines - it's a combination, over time. If I remember clearly that's when I started getting a handle on my migraines - I still took Relpax many times a month but now it worked and I only had migraine symptoms for about an hour with each one. Thanks for bringing that to mind. Butterbur I believe was the active ingredient. My neurologist had me take vitamin B-2 for my migraines and he also had a combination herbal supplement. She got me a big 'ol bag of Coltsfoot powder ($8) and a veggie cap pill capsule maker - it makes 50 capsules at a time so I made my own Coltsfoot capsules at a tiny fraction of the cost my neurologist charged for the butterbur. Best wishes. I credit the B-2 supplements and the Coltsfoot capsules with letting me get ahead of the game so to speak.

Now I only get migraines once in a while and when I do I take Fiorcet. I take Magnesium as a daily preventative since I'm no longer able to get Midrin.

Posted 19 Apr 2010 • 5 answers.

It has also not worked for several people whom I know who have tried it. At 70 (in April) I can deal with it with my migraine med handy to take immediay at onset, but if the insurance company stands by their decision to deny it, I am in trouble. Ths particular medical puzzle is a real conundrum for most doctors, and most of them do not have the patience to deal with it, or they get so frustrated, that they just give it up. The reason being that the only benefit I get from the insurance is the negotiated price from the manufacturer, but if the insurance does not approve it, a 5 millilitre bottle (a little over a tespoon, or ten squirts) is $150.00, opposed to $37.00, and as a senior, I simply cannot afford it. Prednisone scares me to death. The side effects can be deadly, and I am not willing to ingest that.

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Posted 30 Dec 2010 • 3 answers.

I found out on my own that tramadol works wonders on migraine prevention. I started doing research on the drug and found out that it acts like an antidepressent on your serotonin levels. I don't abuse them because I only take 1-2 tablets per day. I feel normal for the first time in years, it's like I have a new head. Over the course of several months, I discovered that if I take 1-2 (50 mg) tablets every evening, I no longer have chronic migraines that would strike me 3-5 times per week for years. Low serotonin levels can bring on a migraine. The only problem is that my doctor will only prescribe me 10-20 per month, so I have to go on the internet and get them. This is not enough to become addicted to. It is legal in most states, since tramadol is not a controlled substance like other pain killers are. I was prescribed a small amount to take along with my imitrex for pain and what I noticed was that it worked so much better together and also, my headaches began to disappear.

Pink. mine started at age 3, and one of the things I dealt with, for many years, is that the physicians did not BELIEVE that nothing worked. We learned about that at Mayo Clinic. I don't keep meds in my system long enough for them to have maximum performance. In addition, I have never "floated", felt euphoric, or anything else. Nobody wants to hear that news, but it DID help to know another piece of the puzzle. Not even with morphine when I was hospitalized with them.

It takes a special physician to understand and successfully treat these monsters. Bravo to your pphysicians. I am REALLY glad that some of you have found solutions.

Expand. Beta blockers, and none of the things mentioned have worked for me, and they did NOT get better as I got older, and Iwent through surgically induced menopause at 27, and that certainly did NOT Help. There are some natural things which have helped many people, one being CoQ-10, and some plant derivatives. I think one of the things that needs to be recognized is that for some people these headaches - as mine are - are genetic. They DO interact with meds. ALWAYS l your doctor about ANY over the counter meds or supplements you are taking.

I have taken a number of things too. This combination should work well to control symptoms but it will not prevent the h/a from happening. What you are on now is just simply symptom relief. Have you ever tried a beta blocker to prevent the migraines? Incidentally, I take Atenolol for my blood pressure and since I have been on that, my migraines only come once or twice a year rather than once or twice a month or week. I have gotten migraines since I was in 4th grade so about 9-10 years old. Tramadol for pain, flexeril for tight muscles and phenergan for nausea. Ask your Dr about adding in a beta blocker for prevention as well. Sometimes they use propranolol for migraine prevention too but I did not find that worked for me as well as the Atenolol has (both are beta blockers).

I also take zomig at onset and a second 1 after 1 hour if it wont shift. I take propanorol everynight as preventive, as it reduces anxiety. I also found that after menopause, they reduced significantly. Phenergan 25mg also helps as that makes me sleep better, also being an antihistime, is helpful. I still get them when i have stress but not so severe. Hi, i also suffered migraines for any years. Xanax also helps, 1mg at bedtime. Be positive, all will get much better as you get older. It is a beta blocker, but works for me.

It even helps pets. for 100 pills. You take one with b'fast & one w/lunch &no more the rest of the day or you won't sleep @night night. If you have migraines that have to do with your eyes get checked for glaucoma. Read about this product. Look up Choline & whatever other issues you have &I see how well all natural can be. Use an eye specialist. It has also been proven to help children w/adhd issues. God Bless & I wish you lasting relief from your migraines. Your HDL will thank you. Especially your kidneys, liver,nervous system & brain &spine memory. You won't be disappointed. But you may also find opportunity to come off of some meds. You may need a little meds on side. Type in Choline &migraines to start. It costs $15.00 approx. Do your migraines start or end in the back of your head neck &upper upper back? Did it begin above your right eye work it's way to the side of head then down in your neck? Do you have sensitivity to lights, especially fluorescent? & one last question, do you react to weather change like the barometric pressure? Try the Choline nutrient. It has multiple uses & I promise you will be amazed @ what it does for your neurotransmitters in your neck that send messages to the brain from the spine therefore causing your bodily organs to function properly.

I suspect it is one at bedtime, and while it is none of my business, I truly do not want you to be harmed, or become dependent, and you CAN become dependent on tramadol. One cannot buy tramadol in Florida without a scrip, so please be VERY careful, and take it ONLY as prescribed. To the lady who gets tramadol on line - please don't do that. Your doctor does not know how many meds you are taking if you do, and it is critical that your physician knows EVERYTHING you take, and in what quantities.

Try Toradol and excedrin tension I works well.

I'm sorry to hear that! I know, so many people have no idea how dangerous it can be. I have learnt from reading posts on this site that Tramadol can affect people so differently. I am amazed that i didn't have seizures also. It did change me a lot though. Scary hey!. My personality was totally changed, i lost a lot of weight and my periods stopped.

Hi mg42man and everybody else: Yes, beta-blocker Inderal does really work. For the past nine years, I have had my neurologist and I have been trying to find the right combination of meds to treat the migraines.

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Perhaps consider going to a large teaching hospital or regional hospital and get tested. I was tested at Johns Hopkins for all kinds of things regular allergists don't normally test for, and thus solved a huge part of the problem. Do you have muscle spasms with, or triggering your migraines? That's what the Flexeril would help with, and the Phenergan will help with nausea once you have the migraine. Wow, that's quite a combo of meds, all sedating too. I, like you, have taken everything over the years for my migraines but they are so much better with approaching menopause, and now that I've found some off-the-wall things I am allergic to: glycol acid derivatives. Also, I did have one year with no migraines at all while on beta blockers. Hope you can find an answer for yours.

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My neurologist also suggested B-2, as well as Co-enzyme Q10.

Foods do not seem to have any effect on my migraines, but it just makes sense to me, to be as chemical and preservative free as possible. Expand. I eat very little meat, and strive to have a chemical and preservative free diet. Ever since I reached adulthood at 18, I eat mostly organically grown vegetables and fruits. I have been extensively tested for allergies and/or reactions to foods and preservatives, and was negative, but just trying to stay healthy is enough reason for me. I grow up in an agrarian community, so we grew most of our food, and it was chemical free.

Stop them all!!! Basicly I had to redo the whole food chain. Expand. I have since stopped eating any and all presertivates, i mean its everywhere, in fake sugar its sweet MSG, In soup its got nothing good, the oils at jack in the box have MSG, sulfites in meat dried good and Nirates Nitrates. Hello I have been a Migraine suffer for my whole life, i could not remember a day that i didnt wake or go to bed with out one, I know that at 2 my mom used to help me when i would get sick and I would faint, the whole sha-bang. Its not expensive to go NO PRESERTIVES, NOT going ORGANIC, these are two different things. I found out about 6-7 yrs ago I was allergic to food presertivites, Im 52 this year. Organic still has presertivets. And in fact Im glad Mashed potatos are good, I made fresh with Real Butter, and salt, no Kosher no Epson salt for feet soak as the sulfites get you this way to EDTA BHT If its on your lotion bottle purfume or shampoo, stop those.

They need to take the off the market before it kills someone. Wow I'm surprised you didn't have a seizure my son took tramadol for 4 week had side effects from it that gave him 2 massive seizures that sent him straight to E.R.

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All were uneffective. They were ineffective as well. It's taken a toll on my daily life, responsibilities, and priorities. My migraines are more frequent the older I get. To name a few. . Also in an effort to prevent them i was prescribed topamax & Elavil. Imitrex, Frova, Treximet, Maxalt, zomig, bupaand the list goes on. used these medications to relieve migraines? I have debilitating migraines and I've tried every medication used specifically for this condition. Has the tramadol Been effective in treating migraines for anyone else out there and if so are are u taking it alone or with another medication?.

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It is insane that congress has given them the right, within the law, to countermand the doctor's orders, and in addition, to l the doctors how to practice medicine. I think it is time to start flooding congress with protests about the way they have thrown people under the bus. I wish it had been that way for me, but in addition, a pharmacist sitting in Phoenix, Arizona, working for my supplemental medicare policy for drugs has decided that I cannot have my migraine medicine. I don't have health issues, just pain and migraine issues. You KNOW that it they are being allowed to do it to seniors, that they are doing it to everyone. I am so glad that some of you have found relief. A pharmacist is NOT a doctor, and should NOT be allowed to make medical decisions about us. After having been a test subject for 40 years, and finding nothing that would help, my doctor has found a formula which works, and they are questioing EVERY thing she prescribes. I take very few meds, and am thankful for my good health. Old people no longer have rights to meds which WILL help.

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I need something I can take so I can save the stadol nasal spray (butorphanol ) for the really bad ones as it helps me sleep when they are unbearable. I've battled since the age of 2 and 43 years later still battle. Midrin really used to work for me as well. Any suggestions?. I miss it. I take Propanolol every night, Valproic Acid every night and Butorphanol as my rescue.

Posted 2 Jan 2012 • 3 answers.

Posted 19 Jun 2009 • 1 answer.

Hi, i know this subject has already been covered, but please be careful with the tramadol. It is a good pain reliever just be careful. Amitritptyline are also really good for this!. I was prescribed it nearly 3 years ago, i got addicted to it and at my worst was taking 20 capsules (1000mg) a day. I have taken phenergan in the past as well and found they worked really well for helping me sleep through the pain. I kept increasing it as my body got used to it and i needed more to continue receiving the benefits.

I have told many people this and I am like I said 52 the years we were 4 were the years that food additives were put into hamburger and hotdags Mac chez etc. and this is why I say try this, If its not working then the prednisone will help anyways. Then ask your doctor for Prednisone. But I say the food is where i would start better then having a 10 pill diet and well I hope this works. Lori. Most of my friends that feel they need fast foods are well asking for my meds. I feel there are either, a handful of meds you can take like the ones the doctor just gave or the ONE pill that really works, sure this can break your immune system, however once your certian you eat the right foods if this is the reason then you only need them around for a oopsie wrong food time. I take 10 mg in the morning if I do have a headache and 5 if no then if early enough you get a migraine you have the other half for the onset. It Knocks the pain in seconds. good luck hope your better soon. A cracker is a timebomb and if you get upset tummi then this is what we reach for, so try its worth it, besides eatting this way is healthy and most all stores carry a HUGE asst, of these good foods, good luck if you need help or find you have questions feel free to me.

Expand. YOUR headaches may have been tension rather than migraine, and that would absoluy help; however, researchers have now found the gene which causes migraines, and we know that TRUE migraines are genetic. One of the problems with research is that so MANY kinds of headaches were misdiagnosed as migaines. That does not, in any way, denigrate the pain and suffering from other types of vicious headaches. It just means that it is difficult to have accurate research results when the data being input is flawed or incorrect.

Just be careful with it and do not take more or more often than you should. This is true for some folks, although I took 100mg 4 times a day for a couple years and had no problem stopping it cold turkey, but everyone is different.

-Blondie. I hope you will find the right medication for the migraines.

PRESTO! this worked like a charm! i take the clonodine daily and if by chance i did get a headache,id take the phenergan and immitrex. my doctor and i danced around this problem for close to a year. i didnt seem to have any luck with tramadol. when i got my insurance he put me on immitrex,phenergan and clonodine. i was limited to meds b/c of no insurance at the time. ive battled with migraines.SEVERE migraines for years.i told mt dr about this and he Rx'd me fioricet and elavil. relief. no more headaches! ask your doc about these meds.

When I told doctors, more than thirty years ago that migraines were genetic, they laughed at me. THey don't laugh any more. My grandmother died of a massive cerebral blowout brought on by a migraine. THat does not mean that there is not something which will help, and every individual's body chemistry is different, so, even though my physicians have tried EVERY drug and combination thereof that y'all have mentioned, there was no relief for me. My father had them until the day he died at 84. There was a doctor on FOX or CNN, I am not sure which, on 2/12 who was talking about the genetic factor with true migraines. These headaches are dangerous, and scary.

Posted 18 Oct 2009 • 8 answers.

I was told to take B2 but I'm on Klonopin for anxiety and It's not supposed to be taken with Klonopin because of some side effects.I wish you well,M.

I've had chronic migraines for about thirteen years, and mine have also become increasingly more painful as I get older. I've not taken Tramadol and Flexeril together, but I would be curious to know if this helps you, as I would like to ask my Neurologist about taking this combination for myself. I'm currently taking Atenol, Elavil, and Lyrica daily for my migraines, and they've helped tone down some of the pain. I feel for you as I've been on the same train, of numerous therapies and drug combinations that have failed to work. I took Elavil and Topomax for several years with little effect. However, I still suffer daily from migraine spells requiring me to use my rescue medication.

But i have had tramadol when I hurt my knee. Sorry tramadol was not for sleep I was thinking Trazadone.

Please look into first. Just a warning, please read all the stories about people trying to get off tramadol before u start taking it! It's a horrible drug to get off of.

Tramadol tension headaches